About Heloise

About Heloise

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I’m a novelist, poet, essayist, shift agent and consultant for all things writerly. (learn more).  Always an artist, my passion for creating has focused on words and the language of life in stories for the past 15 yrs. Engaging with people through writing. Because I believe reading and writing’s like living a good life. We settle into the world, get to know folks, ride through their ups and downs, share their angst and triumphs. Are touched in ways so something shifts inside us. It’s the way I travel in the world, too. As a lifelong learner, immersed in the culture and rhythm of place. It’s how I approach my work, whether as corporate advertising account manager,  micro-brewery owner building a business, activist doing big things, or helping creatives move toward their goals. Creating, connection, and a good deal of project management at the core.

I’m also a mother, wife, friend, confidant, champion, educator, advocate, artist, and dreamer. A recovering perfectionist, optimistic realist, spiritual believer, and environmentalist. A wonderer, connector, and lover of perfect days and beauty in all forms. People and nature and all things creative fascinate me.

Ask me about myself I’ll tell you I prefer tea to coffee, walking to running, sunrises to sunsets, quiet to lively, light filled rooms to cozy caves, exploring to shopping. I need a huge dose of solitude, and love driving through uninhabited landscapes, but you’ll think me extrovert when we meet.

I’m a wanderer. Seek interesting walks, wonderful art, farmers markets, intimate conversations, local culture, and new ways of seeing when I travel.  I confess wonder and awe of this exciting, bizarre world we live in.

My love for the Appalachians lives in my forthcoming novel Flight. My soul-connection with the high desert of Northern NM lives in my next novel, in progress.

I’m currently writing a book for creatives living in the real world. A guide to lasting creative freedom, out in January 2017:

The Writer’s Block Myth
Get Past Stuck, Complete Your Projects, Live & Love Your Best Creative Life

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A Few Things I Wrote

The Altar of BirdsThe Wayfarer, Vol.3 Issue.2 – Homebound Publications
2014 Pushcart Prize nominee

Know Yourself Better than You Know Anyone Else” a contributing essay in Patti Digh’s What I Wish for You: Simple wisdom for a happy life

A Writer’s Life” guest blog on Marginalia with Nancy Peacock

Coach & Consultant for All Things Writerly

You’re inspired. Have a project to complete. Need insight on craft or process.
You want to live, work, create at your highest level, but sometimes
feel snagged by the snarlies of life, stuck moving forward.

You long for space, lasting creative freedom.

You need clarity.

I understand. I can help.

Most writers, whether professional or aspiring, share the same core challenges – clarity, skill, validation, or support for safe passage through the frustrations of life.

I call myself a shift agent because shifts lead to change. I believe we move forward best when we can recognize the steps toward our goals as triumphs. That every destination must include You at the heart of it. Just consider how much easier that word shift  feels vs. the word change.

When we work together, you’ll get unstuck, feel validated. I support and assist you so you complete your projects and reach your goals. Experience lasting creative freedom in practical ways for living in the real world.  My toolbox draws on years of study in craft, process, and the publishing industry + experience and fields of wisdom from a background of supportive wholistic tools

Be inspired. Live and love your best creative life.


Let’s write!
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Editorial services also available.

“Heloise is that rare animal, the writer’s editor. She brings the emotion and color of the soulful writer she is to her reading and analysis of your work. Heloise gave me spot-on feedback on point of view and character, and guided me to see where I was better served by scene versus description. Her fresh perspectives allowed me to dive back in with
renewed enthusiasm and inspiration.”
~ Lauri Maerov, NC

Heloise is a Writer’s Therapist! After a short session with her, I wrote two essays, and submitted them to contests. One to a site she told me about. After two years of not submitting anything! I now feel stronger, and ready to move forward with my writing life.
~ Robin Jankiewicz, CA

“A thorough critique of your work by a writer with experience and knowledge of what makes writing work is invaluable. My experience with Heloise gave me connection and insight into my writing flaws and strengths. She has a keen eye and a clear way of communicating…that is encouraging and inspiring. Her feedback resonated and energized me so I could easily fix what didn’t work and make my writing stronger.”
~ Mark Stewart, FL

Heloise Jones is an incredible resource for writers. I met with her and received expert advice regarding my writing goals and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I highly recommend her for help with your writing goals, whether process, craft, or career.
~ Bria Burton, award winning author, FL

Retreats and Workshops with Me

Engage with your superpower, your Writer’s Voice.
Connect to the creative source inside you.

Enjoy space and time to write without distractions.
Experience lasting creative freedom to complete your projects.

I’d love to write, listen, learn, & weave stories
with you.

Retreats are designed to support your process, and accelerate your momentum toward your goals. I believe the experience in retreat is as important as a room of your own. We get your juices flowing in a way that allows you to suspend judgement, move away from expectations, and dive into the heart of your writing. You gain perspective, and needed encouragement for those moments of doubt. You find your work and creative life enriched from gathering with other writers at all levels of experience, and the sharing that occurs. Sometimes in surprising or unexpected ways.

Step to the next level with your writing.
Check here for upcoming events.

Feel you’d benefit with focused attention & time?

Writer’s Dream Retreats: Designed specifically to you and your needs. We start with a 20 min. clarity session where you share where you are in your process and with your projects. What your vision and desires are. And decide if this is right for you. I’m skilled hearing between the words, seeing connections, helping writers to insights. Even when you’re unsure what you need.

Contact me for details and to schedule a Clarity Session.


What participants say:

“I admit I showed up with the expectation I would write half my book in the five days I spent there. What I learned turned out to be far more important. The pages I wrote were powerful. The technique used very successful in helping you find the real purpose in what you’re doing, whatever it may be…It’s not just about writing a book, it’s about writing the book you’re truly meant to write. You can only do this in finding your authentic voice.”
~ Chloe Galloway, NM (Deepening Self-Expression and Creativity, Intuitive Painting and Writing Immersion)

“Few people take the time to delve into their psyche to sort things out – either because they haven’t the “time,” or think they don’t deserve such self serving opportunities, or are afraid of what they might find out about themselves. None of those excuses hold up for me anymore after taking this workshop retreat. I grew tenfold…gained a confidence in myself which I badly needed. I signed up not clearly understanding the depth of the exercises – but it was a wonderful surprise and eye opening experience – and whether you’ve written or painted before, or have done neither, this class will allow you to do both in a way you’d never expect. It is an incredible opportunity in a safe, kind, and healthy environment.”
~ Wendy Davis, FL (Deepening Self-Expression and Creativity, Intuitive Painting and Writing Immersion)

“When you feel like you are free falling, imagine yourself being lifted up… totally supported. Thanks for sharing your gifts and creating a safe space for us to share ours, Heloise.”
~ Jane Norton, NC (Deepening Self-Expression and Creativity, Intuitive Painting and Writing Immersion)

“Said the river: imagine everything you can imagine, then keep on going.”
~ Mary Oliver

“Creativity — commitment to the creative spirit — is medicine.”
~ Anne Lamott