About Heloise

About Heloise


I’m a novelist. I love my job. Writing a novel is like living a good life. I settle into the world, get to know folks, ride through their ups and downs, feel their angst and triumphs, are touched in ways so something shifts inside me. And love abounds, because love’s what happens when I get to know people so well.

I’m also a project manager, mother, wife, friend, confidant, coach, avid student, educator, organizer, dreamer, advocate, artist, recovering perfectionist, optimistic realist, spiritual believer, a wonderer, connector, environmentalist, traveler, and lover of Beauty. I’ve been corporate, self- employed, a business owner, and activist. My highs these days are those times I’m present with my whole being, awestruck with this wildly beautiful and bizarre world.

“Said the river: imagine everything you can imagine, then keep on going.”
~ Mary Oliver

“Creativity — commitment to the creative spirit — is medicine.”
~ Anne Lamott