Can you imagine feeling supported, creative, and nourished, as you are nestled in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountains? The depth and beauty of four mountain ranges as your backdrop?

Imagine an oasis 5 minutes from colorful Santa Fe. One where you look out onto far vistas and walk lush grounds.

Where the food nourishes the soul, as well as the body. And best, is prepared for you.

The full moon rises as you gaze on far vistas at the breath-taking New Mexican sunset. There’s a chill in the air, but you linger as the moon rises higher, glows white over adobe walls.




Imagine you wake before everyone else. You sit in the courtyard. And feel yourself opening inside.

You’ve stepped out of ordinary time.


You’re ready for an experience that delights the soul, as you unfold into your wisdom with creative play thru writing and art making. Embrace the sacred empowered feminine. Free of judgement or expectation, or ways it ought to be.


Madonna – Contemporary Ally

The Madonna has many faces. She is embraced across cultures and faiths as steadfast & strong.


Women who have no religious affiliation love her. Devotions are offered to her as an ally for healing, guidance, protection, teacher, and soul-keeper of the feminine.


Does her image speak to you? 


This is your invitation.

Commune with the sacred empowered feminine that is You. Explore what the Madonna can mean for you as an ally. No experience is necessary. Our journey together and yours individually will be about the heart of the sacred empowered feminine.

Madonna, teacher, wise woman, nurturer, confidant, keeper of souls, steadfast companion…Someone to talk to under the moon.

Retreat & Conference Center
Santa Fe’s hidden secret just 2 miles from the Santa Fe Plaza
March 1 – 4, 2018

(read why the Madonna is called the most powerful woman in the world here)


Are you ready to join other amazing fellow journeyers?  Your journey begins now.

The Santa Fe sky has inspired & transformed artists & writers for generations. Let the beauty inspire & transform you!

Photo: Tom Shahan

An overview of the Madonna, her symbology and images.

Writing & art exercises that prepare the soul, emotions, mind, & body for discovery and contemplation. You’re guided with poetry, prompts, images, and thoughtful insights. You write freely. Engage with paint and color. Create with intention. Free of expectation or judgement. All to invite mindful exploration & connection with the Madonna and yourself. No experience necessary.

Everything to engage in creative expression through art making and writing. Simply bring your creative heart, notebook & pen.

Unscheduled time in the studio to engage with art and to write, and to walk the lush campus…to process your experience.

Feed the body, nourish the soul is our hallmark. Organic, made-from scratch options every offering. All dietary needs accommodated. This experience includes dinner Thursday, three meals Friday & Saturday. Breakfast Sunday. Snacks throughout the days for your comfort.

3 nights single accommodations in a room unique and calming in its simplicity. The IHM Retreat Center is steeped in history. The energy nurtures the spirit & invites you to cultivate the richness of life.


Your personal journal filled with images and words for connection to an ally for expressing your wisest, strongest Self. 

Heloise Jones (Author, Speaker, Mentor for Creatives) Author of the #1 bestselling book, “The Writer’s Block Myth – A Guide to Get Past Stuck & Experience Lasting Creative Freedom.” Heloise combines deep intuition with years of study in craft and process + fields of wisdom & experience from a host of supportive holistic tools. She specializes in helping writers move forward, write more freely, and complete their goals.


Kendall Sarah Scott, Come to the Story ™ (Visionary Artist, Depth Coach) Kendall masterfully navigates the realms of transformation thru the medium of Art, Poetry, Paint and Brush. Trained in the Color of Woman method as a Certified Intentional Creativity® Teacher, she expands your experience from page to canvas all the while also embracing expressive arts in the medium of collage, symbolic imagery and inquiry. She delights in the exploration of Divine Feminine in the blooming field of Contemporary Symbolism.

*Airfare and ground transportation to/from IHM Retreat Center are not included in this package.

A time of exploration 1:1 with Heloise Jones. Private exploration with your goals and desired outcomes. $150 per additional session.

Private additional art & process consultations with Kendall @ $150/hr.

$1697 for the full experience.
A $197 non-refundable deposit can hold your reservation.
2 pay option available.
Payment in full due Feb. 1, 2018.

When the principles of the feminine are embodied, change occurs.